Who's better at protecting their young and being heard than a mama bear? A sleuth of them!

You're pretty cool! I'm so happy you clicked on this page and I hope you realize soon that the world needs you and your passion! How exactly you can be the most valuable to others, I will show you step by step (and don't worry - it won't involve a bake sale!).

If you're looking to make a real difference to others and your own family, then you landed in the right spot.

Being a Mom-preneur since 2011 I've come in contact with many different opportunities, products, compensation plans and programs; but nothing ever truly fulfilled my core need until I've found the company I'm with now. There are great reasons for my final choice and here's what's important to me:


  • A product that is so innovative and essential, I'm shocked no one thought of it before!
  • A product that has the widest target audience I've come across so far. (Don't wear make-up? Allergic to scents/ingredients? Not looking to loose weight? Simply don't care about jewelry or bags? You've still made my list!)
  • A company run by down to earth people with the best moral compass I've experienced.
  • A company with a TRUE mission! (A mission to Protect one another & Save Lives!)
  • A product so unique (yet in incredible demand!) that we practically have zero competition.
  • A product law-enforcement and husbands everywhere can get behind!
  • To know that what I'm doing is worth it (my customers thank me all the time for doing what I do).


I don't want to assume that what is important to me is important to you. I will say though that when you're looking to partner with a company or join a new tribe, it's super important to make sure that the model fits YOU!