Do you sometimes worry about your kids? What if you could do something for yourself without feeling selfish? Contribute to your family in a HUGE way, without Mom Guilt !

I was full of ideas, advice and solutions - all for moms. I simply couldn't understand why they would complicate life like this, when it was supposed to be so easy. I had answers for everything. Of course, that was BEFORE I had my own kids!


Being a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) of 2 little ones, I constantly ask myself:         How do I do it all?

  • Play with them all day; every day; to give them the most and make them think I'm the best mom in the world.
  • Not miss a single first day of school, performances, games, playdates or birthdays
  • Fill my own cup with workouts, massages, girlfriend time and enough coffee & wine to last 'till the next solar eclipse.
  • Always have an open ear, full kitchen, time and headache-free-nights for my husband.
  • Not only love unconditionally, but also protect my babies, so nothing bad will ever happen to them.
  • Oh, and be debt free - because who doesn't have THAT on their check list!



Here's How I Do It:

You may not be able to control every situation and it's outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it! So in other words: I don't do it all. There's simply no way that; in 24hrs time; I can completely check of my entire "must-accomplish-today-because-I-am-an-aries" list!

Life is about learning things. Learn to fulfill your core need and all the other things on your list will become small things to you. Life is also about not sweating the small stuff.

Whatever this core need is for YOU, I promise you'll feel immensely different about it once you're truly being heard!



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The Little Swiss Girl Who Could

Packing my suitcase, leaving my family & friends behind and boarding a plane to a place 5,913 miles away from home - that's how I started my journey to something bigger. I took my good faith & fantastic education and moved to a country where the latter wasn't recognized. Everyone told me to keep going to school so I could one day make a living. Making a living is NOT what I wanted. I wanted to make money.

I had arrived in this new place, looking for the big "American Dream" - and all I found was my "American Nightmare". From jobs with such little money; I couldn't believe this was legal; to careers with much, much better money; but where I definitely wasn't heard! I hated that career with a passion - which tends to happen when you misplace your passion.

I've always believed everyone deserves to be heard. No one should be afraid to speak up. Everyone should feel empowered enough to know how to take control of a situation; and get out of one, you no longer want to be in. Lucky for me, in the summer of 2013 I found a company that shares my beliefs.

I started out thinking I was going to sell a product to people. Little did I know, I had just signed up for a much longer and larger journey than that! And man are the views along the way phenomenal!

My nightmare has stopped and I'm now writing out my very own "American Dream".......


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